Monday, 9 December 2019


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Sunday, 10 November 2019

S1 builders norfolk has really made a mistake with a new website

Websites-Nightmares and Yell

Well its nearly three months since yell started my new website, its been a total horror story, a constant battle to obtain anything close to what i require. "YELL"!!! yes i have done this so many times and as the months tick away with the handler asking for me to put a website that's far from finished live, i am so exhausted. Never again or never will i recommend "Yell" to anyone who wants a website they are useless! The basics of building a site seems to be beyond the depths of the builders, they add the same references on the testimonials page twice, they take and change things that you don't ask them to do, they don't do what you ask, they always have an excuse to why they cant do simple operations but i can do it on the original site with "WIX" there are too many other faults that after the site is live ill list them when i have finished the whole story for you all to read! 
Bullied? yes at times you feel like you are being bullied down the phone, one of the managers lost her temper down the phone to me on a recorded call to which the audio file will be going live when it arrives for you all to see what i am having to endure. 
You get told that once the site is "live" and the website you have and works,disappears! they will finish it off as you go, wow its taken months to get here so will the site ever get finished if i take this leap?

Well id really not bother and after the initial year i ll be going back to "WIX" where i had a guy build my site for £750, this "Yell" site is a grand and then £65 a month so with all the hassle and stress i cannot wait for the year to pass, lick my wounds so i can move on. 

YELL ? you could do if you use them to build your website

Friday, 1 November 2019

happy days- without the fonz

Happy Days - without the fonz~!

Some really interesting jobs have fell into our laps lately and we cant wait to start them next year:

  1. repairing an old bell tower in syderstone
  2. decking to a large swimming pool
  3. converting a barn/unit so the is a raised bar area with wooden stairs
  4. a large kitchen and utility revamp
  5. major internal works, a garden room, underpinning, landscaping, fencing, paths, new windows, a fire and so much more at one bungalow.
  6. bathroom re fit and design
left to do this year and only 8 weeks left to do it. the pressure is on!

  1. finish an extension with a shower room and dining room- dersingham
  2. kitchen and bathroom- kings lynn
  3. shower room- hindringham
  4. bathroom extension- wellingham
  5. conservatory- holme hale
  6. internal doors replacement
  7. cladding to a beach house
  8. cladding to a house and a custom wardrobe
  9. extension- cromer
  10. bathroom refit- watlington
so ive a busy task ahead of me to put the befores and after on here .

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

its been a while but here is some news

We set up a new webiste that had a block on it and now have decided to maybe find another website designer as its just not doing what we want it too!
So here is a link to our existing blog and we may be swinging back to using this blog all the time again. (click to look at the blog)

theres some great new work to look at and catch up on what we have been doing

we look forward to catching up with you

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Happy days heres S1 Builders Norfolk

So here we are a new year and a new start. after a clear out of staff over the year and the inclusion of some new team members.  We decided that to celebrate a happy group of guys pulling together as a team we'd have new logos, vans, uniforms, website and everything else that goes with a fresh look .

it feels great as there is next to no stress now!

see for yourself and view the wonderful website full of buttons and pages

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Wall treatment

When preparing walls ready for plastering or tiling a good dose of bostik wall treatment . It bonds any loose or flaky areas, the grit in it allows the plaster to stick , the colour is so you can see where you've been and seals over aertex so the plaster does not have a chemical reaction and fall off.

yours sincerely
Stefan Nicholls

4 bathrooms to do in 5 weeks

Well we have undertaken the task of refitting four bathrooms in five weeks. So far it's going ok. Not too much of a shock apart from a glass shelf shattering and cutting my thumb nearly to the bone.
It's always a task to work out other people's wiring and plumbing. So we usually take it all out and start again. This way we can guarantee that it's all up to scratch with what we have undertaken.
Clients are really relaxed and the two massive huskies want to help all the time and not eating us is always handy.
Photos of the journey to completion will follow

The fan is a great help .

Found a railway line under the floor????

yours sincerely
Stefan Nicholls

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Terrible kitchen

Oh no another day of misery fitting a supposedly hand made kitchen th client supplied. After sending wrong units, wrong hinges, wrong doors, badly painted doors, units too deep, end panels too big, plinth the wrong size and so much more . They send their own fitters out and here is some of their work. Absolutely shocking. When we have overcome everything a full report with emails, photos and the client's comments will be published. I will also throw in their name as this is shit workmanship.

Just from two units fitted to either corner that are not level nor do the doors open or shut

yours sincerely
Stefan Nicholls