Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cheers for another s1 builders ltd norfolk proper job!!

Its always great to receive praise and so we have yet again from a repeat client, who incidentally we are starting the new year off with. even offering us christmas cheer!!!
Having started off with the conservatory base (top to go on this week), then asked to do a car port, then the wall leaving a doorway to put in the house wall, a window upstairs, leadwork to the roof, a base and dwarf wall to the car port for glazing to go in and a long list of other extras.


Wall looks great, another S1 proper job.

Is there any chance you could bring a bit of gravel over on Thursday just enough to make a path from the car park to the new gravel so we're not dragging sand and mud in over the christmas period, if so that would be great.

Also it's a shame we didnt know the Dans wouldn't be here today as they have worked so well we were going to get them some beer for the holiday, find out what they like (lager or proper beer?) and yourself and I'll sort something to give to you on Thursday!

Let me know what time you'll be around so I can be there on time.

Cheers and regards,


Monday, 25 November 2013

Fair trades endorsed by the government, S1 Builders ltd norfolk still a member

The Government Confirms Its Continuing Commitment to TrustMark

TrustMark, a national quality badge for reputable tradesmen in the domestic RMI (repair, maintenance and improvement) sector, to which many of our Fair Trades members are already signed up, has yet again received a strong vote of confidence with the publication of the Government's Industrial Strategy for Construction.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stop cock hints from S1 Builders ltd Norfolk

Handy hints to help that forgotten stop cock not get seized...

Once a month open and shut the stop cock several times, never forcing it to the last part of either operation Open the stop cock fully then turn it back quarter of a turn When closing it follow the same procedure Brass seizes up and if these simple steps are not followed problems ensue

If it is seized up then undo the gland nut that is at the end of the handle and ates with the valve body slightly until you can free the handle. DONT forget to do it back up and DONT over tighten it.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The never ending story/job for S1 Builders ltd

occasionally you get a job that you begin and look at being there for a few weeks then you find a few problems so it stretches out, a few more jobs are asked to be completed etc. But we have been on this one since February and still have about three weeks until completed. Moaning? No as the clients are great to work with.
it started with a re felt and baton, rendering the end gable, building a new bathroom, installing the bathroom, a flat roof, a conservatory, new immersion tank and pipe work, new electrics, new front porch, take out the old kitchen and bathroom, install a new kitchen, plastering, boxing in, new fuse board, tiling, laying a solid wood floor and more......
here are a few pictures.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Its all about "YOU TUBE",  slowly and surely for every job that's big enough we are going to make a videos of  the start and finish point. Along with a bit of filling too.
The one we are on now will be in several parts as its a big one with lots of great shots of the craftsmanship from us.
heres our link to the you tube site S1 Builders Ltd you tube and the creator of all the videos and many more Orange Gecko 

Thanks for looking.......

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Heres a few references for from clients that have found time to sit and put pen to paper for us or send in an email.
Also our latest “Homepro” insurance backed job ( a flat roof ) in kings Lynn.

One for the road?
Something to remember about handbrakes:

  1. they usually only do the rear brakes
  2. maybe not the best thing to only use on any incline/decline
  3. make sure it works properly
etc. etc. etc.
But what i have found is that if you like to drive fast and hard on the brakes that the discs and pads get very hot, thus swelling with the heat.
So when you park up on an incline outside your house, like you do every day of the week, to not just put your hand brake on. Leave in gear, turn the steering so the vehicle roles towards the curb etc. you get my drift!
So on this particular day when i did not do some of the above, the discs and pads cooled off, the car rolled backwards down the hill into the path of an oncoming lorry. Crash bang wallop saw the daily run around reduced to a crushed up mess. LUCKILY!!!!! NO ONE was hurt.
So when i received the call at work my car had hit someone i thought it was a prank but the pictures show different. The Insurance company are investigating the claim, there are pictures of the car being locked in the middle of the road with the hand brake on and spooky stories flying round my village of a builders vw golf driving itself. The crazy thing is two of my neighbours told me that they put their hands up to me as they saw the car roll away from my house, shows that no one takes any notice of me.

Just a little food for thought.............

Sunday, 24 March 2013

leaking guttering and down pipes? norfolk s1 builders ltd

Would your insurance cover damage from a leaking gutter or down pipes?
Check it and see as a lot of insurance companies don't and with all the rain and snow unseen damage can be going on without your knowledge.
Usually the snow bends the brackets and allows the seals and brackets to move and not let the guttering perform correctly, leading to leaks either in the form of drips or a visible flow of water. Water getting on the face wall can lead to staining, algae growth, paint discoloration, water breaching leading to inside damp patches on the walls and ceilings, undermining the footings and lots more.
Usually a quick clean-up of the seal and a squirt of washing up liquid (the green one that’s good for your hands we use) prior to the re install which should do the job. If not replace the offending part. Make sure you look for the brand name and check your merchants stock the brand prior to taking it off.
Down pipes usually get blocked due to leaves etc. clogging the entrance and exit due to coagulation of detritus with the excess water. Most people think that more water means the detritus gets washed away? Well it usually washes everything off your roof into the guttering and silts up goes hard and then causes a blockage. 
A few simple steps like cleaning the guttering out, using a hedgehog (yes it’s spikey), cleaning moss off your roof etc. . . .help.
There are so many products out there to join round to square etc. that no one should have leaky guttering. 
The worst cases usually cause the felt to rot (there should be a slight over hang into the guttering to allow any water that gets beneath the tiles to flow into the guttering) and then the roof plate follows causing a drop in the roof, trusses to rot at the ends, valleys to rot, rot to spread into the roof and then how to stop? Installing eaves fillers (unless sarking felt was already installed?, usually not due to time and lazy roofers) is a massive help.
 Then as the fascia and soffit are usually wooden, only painted on the outside the water gets into the back of them and they rot starts from inside out. The outside paint flakes off and shows that there is a problem, too late.

Prevention is better than cure!

norfolk builder and orange gecko

Welcome to Orange Gecko video marketing. Your local online video marketer. From Business to Special Occasions. We can produce and host your videos to promote your business or promotional campaigns.

Our aim is  to provide affordable video marketing - to add professionalism to your website which will help promote your business on every Social Media Platform (e.g.,YouTube, Twitter, Facebook)

here are two you tube videos made quickly for s1 builders ltd

s1 builders ltd video 1

s1 builders ltd video 2 Search Engine Submission.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Novaappz on the s1 builders ltd website

NOVA APPZ -Making appz for you!

Welcome to the novaappz official website home page, from here you can look at some of our newest work and our oldest work, you can order your very own application and find out information that you may not have known before. We are enthusiastic with every new app we make and full of the latest ideas to bring alive our apps for you. Please feel free to have a look around our website and contact us todiscuss any requirements you feel we can help you with. 

Yours sincerely, 
Nova Appz 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

fairtrades S1 BUILDERS LTD

Here we have our Fairtrades page take a look? its not major but its helpful if you wish to check us out or look for other trades to use.
find out what fairtrades is all about!
People carrying the logo have been vetted and worked hard to obtain the chance to use the Government endorsed site
take a look and see!

fairtrades with S1 BUILDERS LTD

Here we have our Fairtrades page take a look? its not major but its helpful if you wish to check us out or look for other trades to use.
find out what fairtrades is all about!