Friday, 20 October 2017

dirty builder with lack of respect! angry s1 builders ltd norfolk

Taking pride in your work is one thing but clearing up is just as important in our companies moto. So when a local builder starts work on my neighbours house id expect him to clear up!!!! Oh how wrong i was....He put one dust sheet up to stop the dust from grinding out the joints of the house, never wore a mask which was just ridiculous considering the mortar was lime  based. dry cut the joints out so there was a major amount of dust!!!!
Even when people walked up my path (me included) did he stop? NO we just got covered in it. all my windows had open trickle vents so my house was full of this fine dust. the photos are a before and after he made an attempt to clean up. 
  1. he left the job so i asked the neighbour where he was as i wanted it cleared up
  2. he came back and then gave it a brush over, never took the dust away
  3. i went beserk on the phone and had him back as my windows, plants, patio etc were covered in lime dust
My windows patio etc are still dirty but he is such a clown i will be doing them myself as three attempts is enough to rectify the mess.
the joints he cut out look a mess, are not deep enough and he used a cement based mortar to repoint the house . He even did it in the rain the other day????? 
Now i am not one to slag any other builder off but this has tipped the scales past belief of what he expects to be ok. the companies name is given away in the lime SAND'S mix. aptly entitled as he left enough sand over my property.