Monday, 28 November 2011

chimney and rendered gable

well heres the scaffolding, the chimney and the rendering.

We started taking the render off as it was letting water in when we discovered that the brickwork was a little wobbly to say the least. the gable is far from straight, no lead work (sticky back plasters used) and the tiles stopped 50mm short of the edge of the gable.
Great not just one issue but a handful to contend with.
so on agreement with the owner we hired Rammys scaffolding and took the chimney down and away. Then the new one went up lead work on and the scratch coat applied today.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rammys scaffolding - makes you feel safe as houses

Scaffolders are like all tradesman, its hard to find a good one that does what they say on the phone, but at long last after the last one we used not tightening the winch up at three floors so when the labourer pulled on the rope it fell off and could of easily killed him. then the company apologised and set us up with a supposedly great deal but forgot to inform us about the vat until the invoice and put so many joins in one corner it looked like a mechano set. So moving on we stumbled on rammys scaffolding , a great turn up for the books. after being there on time - well here is the reference i left for him to post on his site.

I am the site supervisor for “S1 Buildersltd” and having just been let down by a  scaffolder  prior to using  “Rammys” I was more than surprised to see what substandard scaffolding I had been using prior. Just the appearance of the scaffold stands out from the majority and combined with the excellent punctuality of the company I cannot fault them. The structure itself was solid, as I had requested and we all felt safe whilst rebuilding a chimney and doing the lead work.
All in all this company is a breath of fresh air and I will definitely use “Rammys” again in the future. I have no problems with recommending this company or talking to anyone over the telephone.

Yours sincerely
Stefan Nicholls (site supervisor for s1 Buildersltd) 

the job he did for us allowed us to take down and rebuild a chimney which was past its sell by date (blog update tomorrow)  

Monday, 21 November 2011

nature at your finger tips

Here we have a great site for all of you people who love to know whats going on in and around you with our fantastic wildlife. The site is colourful, full of facts, ideas  and lots of FREE giveaways.
All you have to do is click the link and your there for this months free calendar FREE CALENDER, its that simple. For those with children its fun to sit and go through the site together.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

today ! and rememberance day!

Updates from the last few weeks! been all over the pace with works from re pointing/over pinning to rendering end gables. Looking at flint walls which we got asked to build leaning over then straighten up as we got level with the ground. build a wall on the slant then straighten it? I don't think so! Looking at work for next july/august which is a bit of a distance but that's what we are doing. Let down by scaffolders and then one that sticks to his word! Great tidy up of tools and actually got to clean the van! its white again. Priced for so much work that's its great, 2126 tonight and just finished doing an estimate but the apple vodka is screaming in the fridge to be drunk and as its a day off looking at more work tomorrow i fear i may succumb to its calls. Coming up we have some garden tips with an unwelcome guest and pictures of the works finished and working on.
One of the sunniest Sundays in November and people all over the country donned a red poppy and stood and clapped our troops at remembrance processions. Despite all the politics that surround our troops etc no one can take away the fact that how brave past and present troops are/have been. Anyway it was great to stand there with my children and live a moment with total strangers that i will cherish for ever.
Children in need! Please donate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Not one but two inspectors

First to the blog world came the fry up inspector, now we have the ROAST INSPECTOR who is this person? Are they thin or fat, male or female, cat or dog? Who ever they are coming soon to their blog more reviews of tasty places to visit.

Monday, 14 November 2011

holly but no ivy!

Walking Bella today and there in the woods stood a holly tree that looked like it had Christmas lights all over it. Its the biggest holly tree i have ever seen and full of rich red berries. Nothing to do with building but it looks so stunning.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Looking for a peace of mind?

We have just been accepted under the wings of My Builder which looks only to supply tradesman who have been vetted. So just like the Guild of Mastercraftsman you can find us on these sites and if your looking for a builder then contact us through these or the web site.

first linked in reference

obtaining a reference is always exciting when your running a business as word of mouth is the best way of advertising. So we are very pleased with all our to date reference

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

online brochure!

Here is the online brochure of some of the past works we have completed, please enjoy.
the S1 Buildersltd brochure

updates! estimate revoked!

Today was the first time we felt we had to revoke an estimate that we had supplied. The potential clients asked us to come in and price for a major renovation and after several site visits and emails we came to the conclusion that the client (who wanted to project manage) did not really have any concept of the logistics of how these projects go. The plans had no measurements, building control had not been on site to view the works, even though they had begun, the engineers report conflicted with building regs, the architects drawings were like a 5 year olds, no plate measurements, walls not in line, butting up against next doors walls with no allowance for their footings and the list goes on and on. So we could see a potential disaster on the horizon and decided that this one was not for us. A first!
We are in the middle of several jobs at the moment due to the weather and the discovery of defects.
Over pining an extension on a cottage, fencing, chimney cowl, window repairs to another and re rendering an end gable which it turns out to have a chimney stack thats on its last legs.
Priced for a variety of other works which look to keep us busy if we are successful.
Flat tyre on the van today slowed us down as someone had decided that the wheel brace was in a safer place if not kept in the back of the van!

very versatile and the price is fair!

thats just what the clients are saying about us, not me. We do try to be affordable, but the key factor is we dont use cheap materials to drive our prices down.
versatile and fair

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


just two new testimonials which we are very proud of
new to the website and the other new to scoot always pleasing for potential clients to be able to read.